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Ian has spent the last 12 years operating in every aspect of the food business industry. From leading product development teams for international CPG companies, to working closely with fledgling food business startups, he has garnered experience in each stage of business growth. Ian holds a sincere passion for innovating, improving, and expanding the world of consumer packaged goods and foodservice operations. If you are building, growing, or innovating your food business, Ian and his network of food scientists and culinary professionals can help you reach your goals. 

ADAM RUBELMANN - Food Scientist, Lead Project Director

Adam is an accomplished food scientist and product developer striving to create foods that meet the technical challenges of today's food system. By focusing on the combination of great taste, nourishment, and sustainability, Adam creates responsible products that consumers are comfortable purchasing and are excited to eat. With a background in baked good, salty snack, and beverage product development for some of the world's largest CPG companies, and as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, Adam has the experience and knowledge it takes to elevate your food business.

SUZANNAH GERBER - Culinary Innovations Specialist

Chef Suzi is an executive chef, product developer, author, and food and diet medical research specialist with a passion for plant-based cuisine. As a food and beverage innovations expert Suzi has become a thought leader in ingredient, nutritional, and allergen (free-from) category trends with solutions to meet modern development needs. She is an invaluable resource for foodservice companies, distribution, restaurant, and CPG food manufacturing companies looking to expand their plant-based offerings. Chef Suzi has worked with Whole Foods, Sysco, BGood, Pressed, Prestige Hospitality, Roots, Scotland Food and Beverage, the ACLU, and Divine Diets to name a few.

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